About Us

Maxillo-facial surgery, plastic aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in the face and cervix (neck) area - are one of the most difficult surgery departments, because in a small area are distributed many structures, that have a difficult construction – more than 20 cellular subspaces, various sinuses, and glands.

That is why, there are many high level requirements towards the experience and professionalism of surgeons. A qualified specialist has the task to re-establish completely the functionality of operated area, and also to minimize the operational injury, reaching a high aesthetic. We realise and understand this fact, that is why we give a lot of attention to each case.

Our experience gives us the possibility to affirm:

We have the solution even for the most difficult cases.

We use advanced technologies.

We provide complex services in orthodontics and surgery area.

Our treatment methods are adapted to patients that are kids or adolescents.

We treat facial pathologies from birth or received in the course of life, for example maxillo-facial or maxillary deformation that influence the health of kids patients.